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Danielle K. Ford

Life & Career Coach


I’m Danielle! A Jersey Girl through & through and a firm believer in lifelong learning, balance and being kind…to everyone. When I’m not spending time with my loved ones, you can find me tinkering with my camera, exploring and appreciating nature (most often the beach) or learning something new. You might even find me at a vineyard or two…


Not too long ago, I was standing in your shoes (maybe not your actual shoes, but you know what I mean). For as long as I can remember, I’ve done whatever I’ve had to do just to make things work. Whether that meant working multiple jobs, 7 days a week, 100+ hours a week, I’ve done it. The problem? Burnout, exhaustion, stress, disconnection from life, you name it. I was unsure of myself, my next steps and what my purpose was, but I knew for sure it couldn’t be where I was. With the help of some incredible mentors and a fantastic coach, I’ve finally found what I was born to do.


With a coach giving me some essential tools, hard work and dedication to myself I came to the realization that throughout my life, I have often been in a coaching role in some form or fashion. The epiphany that the experiences I've had in the roles of confidant, trusted advisor, problem-solver and friend to many, was incredibly empowering. Finding creative solutions to both ordinary and complex problems is one of my superpowers. Helping others see their situation from another perspective and working together to turn problems into solutions, truly puts me in my happy place.

And I absolutely cannot wait to help you do the same!

Any of this sound familiar? How about exciting?! Let's Chat! 

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